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A Warm Welcome

AktYs welcomes you to its official website.  

Here we share our philosophy, vision and objectives.

Endorsing transparent business ethics, in AktYs we set the ground rules from the start, so that we can focus irrevocably on making you successful and competitive with clean, long term profits.


AktYs offers a range of outsourcing solutions, maximizing a company's flexibility and internal efficiencies, in general management areas such as strategy, branding and digital media, business development etc.


AktYs has a particular affection for the Travel Retail industry and its people. This fast track distribution channel covers Airlines, Airports, Border shops, Downtown Duty Free shops, Duty Free islands, Cruise liners and Ferries.

AktYs addresses on the one hand the brands that want to explore this dynamic world, expand their distribution channels and increase their global awareness. 


On the other hand, with its strong background from servicing mass luxury brands, AktYs addresses also operators that wish to stimulate their brands' responsiveness and financial yield, by undertaking and carrying out ad-hoc innovative projects. Both brand and operator enjoy a stress-free experience and a profitable synergy, thanks to AktYs moderating result-oriented approach.

Enjoy browsing our website.


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